SEMA 2011: Suzuki Grand Vitara Marine Concept

Ohio Technical College will be showing an oddly non-amphibious car at SEMA this year.

This story initially caused a commotion in our office, since it is a project from Ohio Technical College, our Technical Editor's alma mater. He calmed down significantly after getting a better look at the SEMA-bound vehicle, and is now asking that we include a disclaimer that you should not judge the whole school based on this project. It is a strange vehicle, and a simple explanation would be that it was made to look boat-like without being made amphibious.

Since it doesn't float, that outboard motor on the back doesn't actually serve a purpose. One might think that if an oaf like Jeremy Clarkson could make a pickup (mostly) buoyant then this group could, but all of that water would probably short out the DVD entertainment system in the headrests as well as the (ugh) LED underbody lighting. Of course, OTC doesn't teach a course in amphibious retrofitting for cars, so it's not quite so surprising that that particular step was skipped (there Jake, happy?), but it is still very weird (sorry, couldn't help it).

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