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SEMA Show: Local Motors Will Bring 5 Vehicles to Show

Last year at the 2009 SEMA Show, Local Motors showed off its Rally Fighter to rave reviews, but at the time it was the only car it had built. This year at the 2010 SEMA Show, Local Motors is bringing five of the coupes. Each one will wear a skin designed by someone in the Local Motor online community, so it's bound to be creative. The first is known as Beta 1, and wears images of Ted Roosevelt and Poncho Villa on its sides.

Beta 2, wears livery inspired by Rocky, while the third will be designed with the customer and daily drivers in mind. The fourth will be handled by a customer whose family loves to go off-roading. The fifth is going to the original sales person for Local Motors. He plans on a simple black and white paint scheme in order to keep the unique appearance of the vehicle. Local Motors hopes to double the number of Rally Fighters on the road to ten by 2011. It should be exciting to see the above mentioned at the show.

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