Semi Dismembers Stationary Cars After Plowing Into Them At Full Speed

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Few things are more destructive than an 18-wheeler that won't stop.

Accidents are just that, accidents, and while it's incredibly tough to predict just when they'll happen, it's usually easy to pick out a why in the aftermath. Still, as far as we know, no one knows what led to this devastating event. In total, the crash sent eight people to the hospital and stopped traffic for hours, but no one can explain how it happened. At first glimpse, everything appears to be as normal as normal gets while a group of cars and one truck are traveling down this Gurnee, Illinois, interstate.

Suddenly, chaos erupts when the truck plows into a line of stationary cars, causing a helter-skelter of physical commotion.

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Firefighters had to spend up to a half hour extracting some victims from the wreckage, and while it's lucky that no one died, an investigation is due. So far, no tickets have been given, but from what we can see in the video, something is obviously wrong on the truck's end of things. Excluding outside factors (since up till the crash, none seem to be acting on the truck), the only two things controlling the semi are the driver and the truck's hardware. One of the two must have failed because from what we see in the video, the truck makes absolutely no attempt to stop. Either the driver was distracted or the brakes seem to have failed. Either way, let's at least be thankful that fate was on the victims' side.

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