Sergio Marchionne Would Rather Be Shot Than Make A Ferrari SUV

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That's a relief.

Around a month ago Ferrari officially separated from FCA. Its stock topped at $62 a share shortly after the automaker's IPO in October but has fallen sharply since then. Now in early February the supercar company's stock is trading at around $35 a share. FCA head Sergio Marchionne isn't worried, though. He says the automaker will "be fine" so long as it continues to do what it has always done. That means not building enough cars to meet demand. It's good business, but damn that sounds so cruel.

To keep this up the company previously capped annual vehicle deliveries to 7,000 cars. Within the last two years that number has changed. Last year saw an increase of about six percent with 7,664 vehicle deliveries and this year Marchionne says there is a "strong backlog" of orders. The number of units made will increase by around three percent to 7,900. A good way to bump sales would of course be an SUV, but Marchionne isn't interested. "You have to shoot me first," he told reporters on a conference call. Okay, message received loud and clear.

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