Serial Supercar Thief Uses Ferrari 458 To Rip-Off Rich Gearheads

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Watch out for Craigslist scams, kids.

Imagine the satisfying feeling of having sold your supercar only to have it trumped when the check that the supposedly rich buyer gives you bounces? A report from Emirates247/.com claims that this is exactly what happened to the sellers of at least six six unnamed supercars in Dubai. Apparently the thief would scour used car websites for luxury cars and supercars and show up to the sales meet in a Ferrari 458 in order to seem legitimate. He would then write a fake check and drive off with the seller's ex-pride and joy.

The most recent victim sold the man a 2011 Porsche Cayenne for $53,000, he went to the bank and tried to cash the check before realizing the it was a fake when the bank refused to deposit it. He quickly alerted Dubai police who reported that he is on their wanted list for having run the same scam on other supercar owners. Most infuriatingly, the ex-Porsche owner later found his Cayenne for sale online, presumably from the Ferrari-driving thief. For the sake of supercar owners around the world, lets hope this guy gets a swift dose of justice.

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