SeriousHP Turbocharges 360 Modena to 791HP

Ferrari 360 Modena drivers looking to keep pace with the 458 Italia should get in touch with SeriousHP.

Drivers of the Ferrari 360 Modena feeling a little inadequate compared to the latest Prancing Horses on the road are urged to head to Texas-based tuning shop SeriousHP, as it has developed a turbo kit that practically doubles the engine's output. Running stock, the 360 Modena manages 405 horsepower, but with SeriousHP's turbo kit fitted to the 3.6-liter V8, output skyrockets to 791 hp, an increase of over 95 percent.

In addition to the new turbocharging system, SeriousHP installs forged pistons, an upgraded fuel system, Pro-Efi 128 engine management, a reinforced transmission and a ceramic-coated 66 Precision Turbo billet. The result of the $38,0000 modifications is a ten-second quarter-mile and a 190mph top speed.

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