Seriously?! A Lamborghini Veneno is Already Up For Sale

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Guess the profit margin on such a rare thing of beauty was too tempting for one Veneno owner to pass up.

That obviously didn't take too long, but it was bound to happen at some point. One of the three Lamborghini Venenos (not including the fourth example that'll remain in Lamborghini's official museum) is supposedly on the market. We know that two of the Venenos were sold to a couple of uber wealthy American collectors while the third one went to a guy in the Middle East somewhere. Our source is indicating that the Middle East buyer is the one selling.

No word yet on that Veneno's asking price, but considering the supercar that was built to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary cost $4 million in the first place, we're guessing it'll be sold at a profit. What other reason is there to sell it? Yeah, like the guy grew tired of it already.

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