Seriously, Lexus? Seriously? How Desperate Are You For Something New?

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Desperate enough to consider this.

We give Lexus credit for its exterior design efforts as of late. That large spindle front grille is definitely a love it or hate it sort of thing, but it's still better than the dull styling from before. And then there was the LFA supercar and many of the dramatic concepts, such as the LF-LA, which is on its way to production. But apparently Lexus is still searching for new products aside from sedans, SUVs, and the occasional supercar. According to, Lexus is considering a rebadged Toyota Hilux pickup truck.


The Hilux, as most know, is sold in just about every country in the world other than the US and Canada. The closest thing those countries have is the Tacoma. But Lexus' product planning project leader, Makoto Tanaka, told Motoring that a Lexus-fied Hilux hasn't been ruled out. Is there even a market, in any country, for a Lexus pickup truck? We just don't see it happening. However, one possibility could be a new Hilux-based SUV specifically for Lexus. Think of it as a potential competitor to the likes of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar F-Pace. One thing is fairly certain though: neither this Lexus (if it happens at all) or the Hilux will ever see North American shores.

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