Seriously? The Next Ferrari Theme Park Is Coming To America?

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Like there aren't enough roller coasters here already.

We've all heard of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, and next year Ferrari Land will open its doors in Spain. Earlier this month Ferrari made a deal with BAIC, the Chinese state-owned automaker, for a new park in China. And the expansion will likely continue, only this time in the US. According to a report from Bloomberg, Ferrari is currently planning a fourth theme park somewhere in the US, but no exact details, such as exact location and opening date, were given. So what's up with the sudden surge of additional Ferrari parks?

Well, Ferrari's luxury goods business, like high-end jackets, cologne, and perfume, hasn't been doing particularly well. In fact, Ferrari is right now holding shareholder's meeting in Amsterdam, where it's expected to appoint a new board of directors filled with luxury goods experts. Basically, Ferrari has been having a hard time transitioning from a supercar and motorsport company into one that also specializes in luxury items. Because cashmere bomber jackets with that Prancing Horse aren't so easy to sell apparently, Ferrari wants to capitalize even more on one of its biggest markets, North America, by opening that new theme park.

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