Seriously, This Is A 3-Year-Old Doing Burnouts In A BMW 5 Series

When "start them young" gets taken too far.

Normally when kids are involved in hooning a car, it’s as passengers. We saw a pro drifter let his son ride shotgun and another dad pack both his kids in the backseat for a family drift session. This video features hooning and adult supervision...but from outside the car. Behind the wheel is an Iraqi three-year-old, at least according to the video description. Regardless of the kid’s age he's tiny as hell and the only one in the car. Oh, and he’s doing burnouts on a slab of concrete. He isn't even tall enough to reach the pedals of the BMW!

This is the kind of stupid stunt that can end in tragedy but here everyone is all smiles through the tire smoke. Someone tell Ken Block about this kid now.

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