Seriously? This is India's New Cop Cruiser?


Would you respect a police officer if they were driving this?

When you first think of a police cruiser, you'll probably picture something that's big with plenty of presence like the Ford Crown Victoria or Chevy Caprice. But outside of the US, cop cars rarely consist of large, rear-wheel-drive sedans. In parts of Europe, for example, you'll find law enforcement driving around in VW Passat Wagons. But in India, it appears that cop cars can be as small as the Tata Nano. In fact, they may soon be the Nano.

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The world's cheapest car has been modified for law enforcement duties by an electronics company, and the final result has just premiered at the International Security Expo in New Delhi. The Nano cop car was designed specifically for female police officers for the purpose of rescuing women and children in distress. The barely-a-car cop vehicle is powered by a small gasoline engine and features a siren, beacons, search lights and a medical kit. Details such as top speed weren't mentioned, but there's no chance this thing could successfully chase speeding cars, and likely, not even criminals running on foot.

Indian Autos Blog
Indian Autos Blog
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