Special Edition

Sesto Elemento Roars onto the Track

Production has started so it's time for Lamborghini to unleash the limited edition supercar on the track.

It costs $2.2 million and you can’tdrive it on the road. But the Sesto Elemento is a limited edition supercarLamborghini won’t have any trouble selling. Production of the lightweight Lambostarted back in January at a new prototype center in Sant'Agata, and it appearsthe Italian carmaker is now giving prospective clients the chance to get sometrack time with the 999-kg carbon-fiber clad supercar. This video was shot at ahigh-profile VIP event at the Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch in Nevada.

Whether the driver has already signed up to buy the Sesto or is simply weighing up his options isn’t clear. But after experiencing 570 horsepower in a car that weighs no more than a Honda Fit, there’s an excellent chance he’s already signed on the dotted line.

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