Set for Stun: The Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Makes its Debut

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Infiniti has been hyping their Emerg-e Concept for some time now and the hybrid has, at long last, made its debut in Geneva.

The Infiniti Emerg-e has just touched down in Geneva and the concept has already garnered great acclaim. The hybrid concept features incredible styling with serious supercar performance for a revolutionary model we can't help but hope makes its way into production. The Emerg-e Concept runs on a hybrid drivetrain which features two electric motors with a lithium-ion battery pack, four inverters and a range-extending 3-cylinder petrol powerplant.

With a combined total output of 402hp, Infiniti's first-ever supercar can blast off the line to 60mph in 4 seconds and has a driving range of around 300 miles. Its EV range is 30 miles.

"I am very pleased to introduce you a new exploration of Infiniti design language and advanced technology. We have designed a shape of real energy and elegance, and one with the emotional flow you know of Infiniti. But what you cannot see is that this silk dress of a body is super light made out of carbon fiber," said Infiniti Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura. He also stated that Infiniti UK will produce two prototypes later this summer for testing, giving off the clearest indication yet that the Emerg-e could actually make its way into production. With that matte silver finish and front-end, we can only hope Infiniti makes our dream a reality.

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