Setting the Hydroplaning World Record "Like Having Multi-Orgasm"

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The Nelson Racing 1600-hp Ford V8 under his thighs no doubt helped with the climax.

Driving a 1600-hp Formula Offroad buggy on any surface is got to be a pretty awesome feeling, but according to Icelandic Formula Offroad driver, Gudbjorn Grimsson, when you drive it on water it's nothing short of orgasmic. During an extreme offroad race in Iceland, the aptly named Insane Racing twin-turbo buggy set a new hydroplaning record, running across a 1,001-foot river at 54 mph. We say "set" and not "broke" because this is the first time such a feat has been measured.

Acting like scoops on a paddle steamer, the huge treads on the tires kept the Nelson Racing Ford V8-powered buggy skimming atop the river. With that much power on hand, it looks like Gudbjorn could have gone twice the distance. And given his reaction, we believe him when he says he'll be back next year to beat the new record.

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