Several Porsches Set On Fire In Possible Arson Attack

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If you're a Porsche enthusiast, this is painful to watch.

We're still mourning the recent loss of a McLaren 570S which was burnt to a crisp when it smashed into a house in the UK. And now distressing images have emerged of what might as well be a graveyard of burnt out Porsches in Germany. But unlike the McLaren incident, this was no accident. RT reports that a Porsche dealership in Hamburg was the target of a possible arson attack believed to be linked to this week's Group of Twenty summit. 10 Porsches perished in the attack, and another two were badly damaged in the blaze.

The fire erupted at 3:55 am local time. 38 firefighters tackled the blaze, but they were unable to prevent the fire from spreading to the sports cars. According to NDR, Porsche estimates that the fire has caused over 1 million Euros ($1.3 million) worth of damage. Police are fearing that the fire was a deliberate attack linked to the upcoming G20 summit, which will see around 100,000 protesters gather.

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A video shows aftermath of the fire which destroyed a variety of Porsche models, from Cayennes and Boxsters, to brand new 911s. It's painful to watch if you're a Porsche enthusiast. While customers who were eagerly awaiting the delivery of their brand-new Porsche won't be pleased, at least no one was hurt in the attack.

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