Sex in the Champagne Room - Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior

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Bentley's Executive Interior is a concept no more.

Power-folding wood veneer picnic tables. Smartphone connectivity. Leather. LED 8-inch screens in the headrests. 15.6-inch HD screen dropping from the ceiling. Functional telephone in the arm rest. Even a Mac in the back. How is that for possibly the greatest interior ever? Bentley's Executive Interior is the real deal and will be featured in the new 2012 Mulsanne flagship. It takes over 170 hours of hand-crafted labor to create and install the lavish and luxurious interior.

"The original Mulsanne multimedia concept was previewed at several special customer events across the globe and the reaction was immensely encouraging. Bentley has now created two bespoke Specifications, Theatre and iPad, and we're confident they will meet the expectations of customers needing a business-focused environment or simply a relaxing space where films, music, television and the internet can be enjoyed," said Bentley's MotB for Sales and Marketing Alasdair Stewart. Oh, and there is a champagne cooler which can hold two full-size bottles of bubbly. Check out the gallery below of the latest luxury item available from Bentley.


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