Sexy Blonde Rides a 1,200-HP Superleggera Like a Pro

Hottie takes a ride in the passenger seat of this brutal Raging Bull.

What is it with hot blonde girls and Underground Racing’s high-powered Lamborghini Gallardos? Last it was glamor model Kayla trying to grab a $100 bill from the dashboard of a 1,600-hp Gallardo, and now we have the equally gorgeous Linzie taking a ride in a 1,200-hp variant of the LP570-4 Supperleggera. Having been around fast cars most of her life, luscious Linzie can’t wait to hit the double century in this beastly Lamborghini and once she gets a taste for it, she just wants more.

No doubt the guys at High Tech Corvette obliged the gorgeous gal, but here's the vid of her initial run in the monstrous supercar.

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