SF-01 Street Fighter is the World's First Crowd-Sourced Sports Car

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Beat out 200 other designs.

This is Local Motors first sports car, and it was designed by one Greg Thompson who trumped 200 other contenders to win the firm's Sports Car Platform Design Contest and with it a check for $7,500. Dubbed the SF-01 Street Fighter, it packs a tubular-frame chassis, lightweight body, has the capacity to take an inline-four, six, or V8, and boasts an inboard suspension. Every vehicle Local Motors sells using the design will also bag Thompson some royalty. And looking at the design, we can't see this not selling.

Speaking of his design, Thompson said: "The SF-01 combines the best in light weight performance with the practical needs required to use the vehicle as a sparse and enjoyable commuter. The longest wheel base configuration…allows a larger variety of engine candidates while still keeping a mid-engine layout… and a lower frontal cross section from the bodywork. This provides better aerodynamic stability, performance, and gives the SF-01 more of a rear engine stance and look. The front clam shell houses an independent hood panel that can be swapped out or customized to cover which ever engine is selected…The SF-01 ensures the owner plenty of storage space, given the car segment, to meet most needs.

There is a recessed trunk aft the fuel cell as well as a pair of storage bins nestled above the rear wheels." With the design chosen, LM is now working on R&D as it prepares the foundation for production. Expect to see something concrete by yearend.

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Source Credits: localmotors.com

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