Shanghai Auto Show Screws Over Public With Latest Ban

Organizers firm up commitment to focus on cars, manufacturers.

The 2015 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition has already banned hot girls from leaning on its cars, and now it has outlawed children from attending. The ban was recently announced and the official reason given for it was security purposes, whatever that means. This shouldn’t muck up anything during the press days, which are April 20th and 21st. However, the show is open for the public from the 22nd to 29th.

You’d have to think that a good chunk of people won’t attend if they can’t bring their kids. It'll be interesting to see how organizers handle turning away patrons with kids in tow. While the move seems odd, it is in line with the show's desire to keep the focus of the event on the cars and manufacturers. We here at CarBuzz believe in freedom of attendance at auto shows, which is why you’ll find a tribute to Shanghai’s auto show girls below. We’d post photos of children attending car shows, but that might get us in some legal trouble.

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