Shanghai Wants To Get Rid Of Auto Show Girls

You mean they want us only to look at piece of shit Chinese cars?

On the one hand, we can hardly blame show organizers for considering this. Because, really, people don’t go to the Shanghai Motor Show solely to check pieces of shit copycat Chinese cars on display. They want to see hot Chinese models posing next to said crap cars. But show organizers are now strongly considering banning those models altogether. Why? "To ensure that the show returns to its original spirit of showcasing auto technology and products," according to the Shanghai Auto Show organizing committee.

We know, they’re losers. Chinese car shows have been challenging the country’s more traditional values with scantily clad girls on hand. In 2012, for example, the Beijing government reprimanded organizers of that city’s auto show for allowing models to pose alongside the cars. It was even described as "vulgar publicity." Shanghai and Beijing alternate each year to host the country’s premiere auto show, and the former is having the event this April. Cars? Yes. Girls? In question.

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