Sharon Stone's Car Up For Sale: Entirely Too Much Money


The pitfalls of dealing in classic cars without understanding the market.

We understand that celebrity worship can be an unsettlingly powerful force, and that for a devoted enough fan, no piece of memorabilia is too trivial. We also understand how a movie like "Basic Instinct" could have inspired the worship of Sharon Stone in some people, although we won’t go into why. But it still should be said that the car seen here, which is currently for sale in the UK via eBay, would be a kind of a sad way to pay tribute to Ms. Stone.

The car in question is a 1972 Ford LTD convertible which admittedly isn’t in terrible shape. It has definitely not been restored, and the makeshift seat and dash covers are bit pathetic-looking, but when one considers that it is 41 years old, it’s really pretty well preserved. The car was donated by Sharon Stone for a charity auction back in 2010, where it went for $15,000. That is a bit steep, but a famous former owner and all proceeds going to charity make it ok. What’s more, a restoration would be a relatively low-impact job for anyone so inclined. The car has somehow found its way to the UK from California, and is now on eBay with a starting bid of £18,000 ($27,000) and a "Buy It Now" price of £20,000 ($30,700).

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The car hasn’t been restored since the 2010 sale,and the current owner didn’t even take their own pictures. The individual instead just copied those that were used for the charity auction. In general, cars tend to be more expensive in the UK,but perhaps someone should explain to the owner of this car that this doesn’tapply to classics, and that no car doubles in value over three years, famousformer owner(s) or not.