Shayton Equilibrium

Marussia has shown us that while the legacy of the horrible cars produced in the Soviet Union hasn't faded entirely, Russia can still make one hell of a car. Now another company from a different former communist country is planning to take a stab at building a supercar. Hypercar might be a better word actually, as the Equilibrium which the Slovenian company Shayton has planned will produce 1,084 horsepower from a mid-mounted V12.

Shayton hasn't gone so far as to actually build a single car, but the renderings and the horsepower promises certainly show some promise. If all goes to plan, the Equilibrium will weigh just 2,645 pounds, hit 62mph in 2.9 seconds and go on to top speed of 249mph. Those numbers are certainly enough to take on the big boys, and the Equilibrium has the looks for the job too. The only question is if the world needs both Pagani and Shayton.

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