She Loves Her Rare E28 M535i

This is what it's like to have a true lifelong commitment to your dream car.

How wonderful it must be to be young enough where you can afford your dream car and drive it daily. It’s something any gearhead wants in life but often times our most desired car is financially out of reach. But instead of letting your dream completely shatter, perhaps it’s best to remember that money doesn’t always buy happiness (though we're told it often helps). Ashley Rodriquez has owned 15 BMW 5 Series E28s throughout her life and she actually once trained as a BMW technician.

That skill now allows her to properly maintain her current ride, which just happens to be her dream car: an M535i. As a lover of rare things, Rodriguez also has a great eye for beautiful old Bimmers and actually wants to be buried in her car when she passes. Now that’s true love.

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