Sheikh, Rattle and Roll

He may be a member of the elite Emirati, but this speed-hungry Sheikh knows how to handle a barrel like a champ.

Being a Sheikh means he may well be the richest driver on the WRC circuit, but with just 35 points to his name in a World Rally Championship career that spans over a decade, it’s safe to say Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi isn’t the best. He’s currently driving a Citroen DS3 and during the Acropolis rally in Greece the Arab leader came around the corner with his foot firmly planted on the throttle. The result was two complete barrel rolls before a respectable landing on all four wheels.

Bent up but not completely broken, we’re sure the Sheikh has the means to get the hot hatch back up and running. Restoring his pride might be out of his reach, however. (Tip: all the action takes place in the first five seconds).

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