Shelby 1000 Proudly Displayed in New York

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The Shelby 1000 was built in celebration of Shelby American's 50th anniversary.

Yes, we all know the story by now. Last week when Shelby American revealed their new 1,100hp pony car masterpiece, one of the official pictures looked sort of off. The reason was because it was Photoshopped and meant to look like the front wheels were lifting off the ground as the car was burning rubber (minus any tire smoke). Moving on from that PR debacle, the Shelby 1000 is currently on display in the lobby of the Javits Center, where the 2012 New York Auto Show is now taking place.

Currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, Shelby American obviously wanted to do something special and their latest offering is certainly just that. The standard road-going version (which is emissions compliant in all 50 U.S. states) costs an astounding $149,995. The track-only Shelby S/C costs $154,995. Neither of these prices includes the cost of the donor 2012 Shelby Mustang GT500, which comes in at about $50,000. We have no doubt the price tag is worth it, as this is no ordinary Shelby. Plenty of Shelby and Mustang fans (with the cash to spare) are all too aware of this and the temptation to buy one must be strong.

Despite the engine modifications, such as taking the 5.4-liter V8 down to the block to add new rods, cranks, and pistons, Shelby went to great lengths to cut weight. In fact, even the windscreen wipers are carbon fiber. Other changes include additional reinforcements done to the chassis, a stronger drag spec rear axle, a fully adjustable suspension, and larger brakes. Some exterior upgrades include a more aerodynamic hood, rear panel and splitter, along with 20-inch wheels. Production will also be quite limited, but we don't have a shred of doubt that each and every last one of them will be sold.

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