Shelby 1000 Warps Time on Desert Romp

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950-horsepower Mustang takes the muscle car into supercar territory, and everyone knows a supercar needs a watch to go with it. David Yurman takes the Shelby 1000 to the desert for a blast of sand.

The Shelby 1000 elevates the muscle car to supercar status. Its supercharged V8 produces an unfathomable 950 horsepower, each of which makes its presence known in this promo clip for the timepiece crafted to accompany it. "Inspiration always comes from objects of beauty," notes founder David Yurman's son Evan. "Since I can remember, American muscle cars have always been a passion of mine. To collaborate with Shelby on its 50th anniversary is a dream turned to reality."

The Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition packs a Swiss automatic Valjoux 7753 chronograph movement into a 43.5mm stainless steel case and is limited to just 150 examples at $8,600 apiece. All of which strikes us as a fitting tribute to the thousand-horsepower muscle car and the late Carroll Shelby who made it.

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