Shelby Cobra Powered by Mercedes V12 is Intimidatingly Swedish

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Magnus Jinstrand and Superior Imports have created possibly the best Shelby Cobra on the road today.

Every automotive enthusiast has a special place in their heart for Carroll Shelby and his masterpiece, the Shelby Cobra. His incredible roadster changed the way people look at performance-minded convertibles with a style and grace all its own. Swede Magnus Jinstrand and the crew over at Superior Imports AB have taken the American automotive icon's work-of-art and improved upon it with a twist no one could see coming. The twist in question? A 6.0-liter supercharged Mercedes V12 engine replacing its standard 7.0-liter V8.

The body was procured from Daxcars while a Lysholms supercharger, BMW six-speed gearbox, Evo 8 brakes and plenty of carbon fiber further enhance the hot roadster. Superior Imports' Shelby Cobra first debuted at the Elmiamassan show in 2010 and it still looks amazing. Listen to it roar at the 1:36 mark in the clip below.

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