Shelby GT500 Continues the Legacy

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Beginning in 1965, Shelby has been modifying the Mustang GT and making it into an even better car. Not that the standard GT was weak, but once Shelby and his crew begin to work their magic, does the true performance potential come out in a Mustang. Fast-forward to 2011 and the Shelby GT500 is back and better than ever. Along with modern technical features such as a navigation system and electronically assisted steering.


But the same basic philosophy still remains: taking the already fantastic V8 engine and adding more power. Simple as that. When compared to the competition, say the BMW M3, the base price of a GT500 is $49,500. The M3 has a base of $60,000. The performance numbers are similar, but the GT500 still has the M3 beat. The legacy lives on.

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