Shelby GT500 Survives a T-Boning by a Raging Bull Gallardo

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A Lamborghini Gallardo loses control during the Cup GT 500 in Colombia.

The Cup GT 500 in Medellin, Colombia, is billed as a "big spectacle of adrenaline and velocity." The 2012 event was no different, with many powerful supercars and other sports cars all competing head-to-head for a chance to lift the cup. The race, which ran from July 28th-29th at the Juan Pablo II Aeroparque, features a straight stretch of track where drivers let their rides loose and try to gain some ground on their less powerful competitors. Of course, there's always the possibility something will go wrong.

A Lamborghini Gallardo driver saw this as a good opportunity to make up some ground on the leaders but lost control when he hit the acceleration. The end result is the Gallardo smashing into a Shelby GT500 who, in true Shelby fashion, shrugged the impact off like a boss and kept on churning down the track.

For another incredible view of the crash, check out the Shelby GT500's roof-mounted cam. The action starts around the 2:45 mark and after only pausing for a moment to assess the state of his car, the driver slams on the gas and keeps going through the end of the race.

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