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Shelby GT500 vs. Camaro ZL1: Which is Faster?

You know you're just dying to see this one.

After presenting a contest between a Corvette Stingray and Mustang Shelby GT500, both of which were 100 percent bone stock, we now introduce a more appropriate rematch as the GT500 faces off against a Camaro ZL1, but only the former is stock. The ZL1 received some modest upgrades which include cam, longtubes, ported blower and drag radials. Each one is built on a somewhat dated platform and both have a supercharged V8 engine.

However, there is a bit of a weight difference. The GT500 tips the scales at 3,800 lbs. while the ZL1 is a heftier 4,450 lbs. So which one ranks numero uno in this drag race of drag races? Check out the video ahead to find out.

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