Shelby Is Giving Gearheads One More Chance To Own The Legendary Daytona Coupe

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This could be your last opportunity to own the legend.

It's more or less impossible to own a Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe. Only six were ever made and when one does come up for sale it can go for as much as $7 million. Shelby knows this and has decided to throw gearheads a bone while simultaneously celebrating the legendary racer's 50th birthday. The automaker and tuner is releasing a limited run of 50 Shelby Daytona Coupes. They don't cost nearly as much as the real deal but are still damn expensive.

An aluminum model will run you $349,995 whereas the entry-level fiberglass recreation clocks in at $179,995. The replicas stay mostly true to the original with some exceptions. Said exceptions include modernized disc brakes, sharper interiors and a strengthened tube chassis. However, some old school stuff has been preserved, including the thin wooden steering wheel and leaf spring suspension. Note that the price you pay doesn't include an engine. Shelby has left it up to the customer to decide what to drop into the Daytona Coupe. Yes, you can choose the original's 289 aluminum-block V8 good for 450 horsepower if you so desire.

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