Shelby’s New Supercharger Kit Adds 300hp to GT500


For those that deem 550hp insufficient for their needs.

Shelby Performance Parts has introduced its latest supercharger kit, built for the 5.4-liter Triton Modular V8 that sits in 2007-2012 GT500 models. They claim it adds up to 300hp to the existing 550hp the GT500 produces from the factory. Replacing the stock Eaton roots-type supercharger is a Shelby/Whipple 3.4-liter Black Supercharger Tuner Kit, which according to Shelby is the largest twin-screw system available for the Ford 5.4-liter V8 engine.

To improve cooling performance Shelby also introduced a new Competition Heat Exchanger, made up of two 11-inch fans that keep airflow focused on the supercharger's core. They also revealed a Shelby GT500 Competition Intercooler Tank, which can be filled with ice or dry ice to reduce the risk of heat soak and lower intake temperatures. Shelby confirmed the system is a direct bolt-on, which Mustang owners have been enjoying for decades, providing higher boost levels than the stock blower at any given rpm.

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It also manages to lower discharger temperatures and parasitic power loss. When properly tuned, a standard 3.5-inch pulley helps the monster supercharger deliver around 17 psi of boost.