Shelby's Shelby GT500 Up For Auction

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It was Shelby's Shelby, that's worth some serious money.

There are few names which you would be genuinely relived to see as the previous owner of a classic car. But when that car is a Shelby, there is no name more reassuring than that of Carroll Shelby himself. He was the original owner of the 1969 GT500 that you see here, one which he only got rid of in 2003. The new owner spent the next ten years restoring the car and rebuilding the engine, even though it had just 4,317 miles on it at the time.

The 428 Cobra Jet-powered GT500 is one of only 18 in Grabber Yellow, and one of just three with the Traction-Lock rear axle. Adding to the already considerable value is the fact that, despite the restoration, all the numbers still match and the owner has all of the paperwork dating back to 1969. If you're interested and you've got the money, the auction will be held at Monterrey next month.

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