Shelby Supercars Selling Tuataras like Falafel in Dubai

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The Tuatara is still in development, however Shelby Supercars isn’t waiting for that to finish before taking orders for their innovative supercar.

Shelby Supercars took their 275mph hypercar to the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show and the results were stunning. Taking orders already for a car that hasn't finished its development phase would usually be a difficult and hard sell, however the folks over in the UAE couldn't snap up enough of the $1.3 million supercars. The result was 10 orders being received in five days. That's a quick $13 million. According to media outlet Gulf News, the Dubai show drew record attendance.

There must have been some seriously wealthy attendees in the huge audience, as the wealth wasn't just concentrated on the American company. Lamborghini was able to confirm 14 orders for their sensational Aventador. "Our expectation was nothing more than to create awareness of the brand in this region and find a distributor, but this has been amazing. The business has been outstanding," said SSC founder Jerod Shelby. As a quick refresher, the SSC Tuatara is said to be able to take the title of "fastest production car in the world" when it makes its way into production.

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The Tuatara runs on a 1,350hp 7.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 which will allow the hypercar to hit 200mph in 16 seconds and a claimed top speed of 275mph.