Shelby Tribute Mustang to Debut in Detroit

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How do you honor a man like the late, great Carroll Shelby? With a special-edition Mustang, of course!

When it comes to high-powered Ford Mustangs, the first and last name was and remains Carroll Shelby. Sadly the racing/tuning guru passed away this past year, leaving what our friends at Jalopnik called "a Texas-sized hole in our hearts." It would only be fitting, then, that a special-edition Mustang should be created to honor his memory, and word has it that is exactly what we'll be seeing at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


Just who will be unveiling the special Shelby Mustang, however, is another matter. It could come as a special edition from Shelby American, the company which the late Carroll leaves behind, or from Ford itself, which offers the Shelby GT500 as part of its own product portfolio. As we already know, Shelby American is planning to unveil new Mustangs at the Detroit, Chicago and New York shows in the coming months, so this could very well be the first. One way or another, not having Carroll Shelby around the unveil his latest car himself will be a stange and unusual sight.

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