Sheriff's Son Steals His Unmarked Police Car To "Arrest" Ex-Girlfriend


He's also a Sheriff Cadet, or at least he was.

Christopher Combs will no longer be able to follow in his father's footsteps of being a Sheriff in Palm Beach County, Florida. That's because the 22-year-old has been charged with false imprisonment and impersonating a law enforcement officer after stealing his dad's unmarked police car and then terrorizing his ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend. Click2Houston reports that Combs took the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office-issued Ford Taurus Stealth Police Interceptor and managed to find his ex, Jamie DiCarlo and her boyfriend, Robert Roberts.


He then pulled them over by turning on the car's emergency lights before using the intercom to order Roberts out of his pickup truck. Because she dated him for five years, DiCarlo recognized Combs' voice immediately. Heck, the idiot was even laughing over the intercom. Combs then proceeded to get out of the car and placed "what appeared to be a metal object to the back of Robert's head, before stealing his property." Then he ordered his ex to exit the truck and ordered her onto the ground as well before getting back in his dad's car and driving off. DiCarlo quickly reported the incident and deputies soon questioned Comb's father regarding the whereabouts of his car.

He knew his son had the car, but was told it was parked at a friend's house all day and wasn't moved. Combs had since driven back home and deputies discovered its hood was still hot, proving it'd recently been driven. Ironically, Combs is also a Palm Beach County Sheriff's cadet. Probably not anymore.


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