Shirtless Australian Hero Stops Robbery By Snatching Keys From The Getaway Car

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This man is the hero Australia needs.

Two Australian buddies have just become Internet celebrities after a video of them thwarting a robbery went viral. The pair was at a gas station attempting to fix a broken flip flop (and get some munchies) when they saw a white Commodore pull up next to an Oporto shop (look it up). Men with their faces covered emerged from the car and broke into the shop. That's when James Ross-Munroe, who was shirtless for some odd reason, took action. Fortunately his buddy Kane Wiblen was filming.

Fortunately things ended up pretty good for the duo. The thieves ran off but Ross-Munroe and Wiblen were uninjured. The two have even become miniature Australia celebrities.

They appeared on an Aussie morning show where Ross-Munroe completely stole the show. Seriously, this clip is being called "the most Australian interview imaginable" on Reddit and with good reason. Check it out and try not to die of laughter.

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