Shirtless Thief Drives Indy 500 Camaro Through Dealership Window

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So does this count as the first crash of the Indy 500?

It should only be a matter of time before the next Hangover movie features the story of this stolen Indianapolis 500 Festival Camaro. The Festival cars are typically driven around Central Indiana by Chevy dealers and Indy 500 bigwigs to drum up hype for the race. This year's version is based off the Camaro Commemorative Edition, and this particular one lived in a dealership in Zionsville, Indiana, before it was stolen by a shirtless man who drove it right off the lot.

Now the thief didn't exactly have an easy time getting the Camaro off the lot. No, he actually had to drive it through the showroom's glass window and then down a set of stairs. He was able to joyride for a few miles before the car broke down and he ditched it. Blood was found in the vehicle, which dispels the Hollywood myth that driving through glass is all good. Despite being bloodied and shirtless the thief was able to escape capture. If anything he probably told cops he played basketball at Indiana.

Robert Scheer, The Indianapolis Star
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