Shock Absorber Vs. 500-Ton Hydraulic Press Isn't A Very Fair Fight

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Can any car part stand up to the hydraulic press?

For some odd reason people love to watch stuff get destroyed in unconventional ways. First it was people destroying electronics with blenders, but now the Internet has moved on. 2016 is officially the year of crushing things with hydraulic presses. We've seen carbon fiber get pressed and watched what happens when springs from a Toyota Corolla get put under intense pressure. This new video from YouTube's Hydraulic Power Press channel pits a shock absorber against a 500-ton hydraulic press.

Can what looks to be a run-of-the-mill shock absorber really withstand such a beating? Spoiler alert: no.

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The shock absorber instantly gives up the ghost, although it slips off the platform before it can be completely smushed on the first go. By the end of it all the damper is bent, broke and bleeding out. This shouldn't come a shock (no pun intended) to anyone given the construction of dampers. Still, it's always fun watching car parts get destroyed.

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