Shocking Dash Cam Video Proves How Terrifying Drunk Drivers Truly Are

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Head-on collisions with kids in the car are no joke.

This scary dash cam video come to us from Yana Krasnov in Long Island. She was stopped at a red light with her two kids in the car, ages 7 and 4. That's when Linda Spina ran right into her, with the dash cam catching everything. Spina sits there for about half a minute as two woman rush to the scene to both help Krasnov and take control of the situation. Spina is having none of it and that's when things get really frightening. Luckily neither Krasnov, her kids or the good Samaritans were hurt and Spina was arrested.

Krasnov's husband, Andrey, uploaded the video in the hopes that it will impact one person the next time they consider driving after drinking.

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