Shopper Drives Through Supermarket in Daewoo

Who needs a shopping cart when you can just drive your car into the store?

Stores seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and not just in the United States. Some are getting so big, in fact, that it's become commonplace to see those of "limited mobility" (mostly those too fat or lazy to walk) driving up and down the aisles in Rascal scooters. But a car? That's what one driver did at a Tesco in Poland. The stunt was performed in what looks to us like a Daewoo Tico, a small car produced by a Korean automaker in Romania and Poland that was particularly prolific in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.

The entire thing was caught on film, from multiple angles and with apparently little interference from the store's employees, leading us to believe that the staff of the European version of Walmart were probably in on it. Then again, what were they going to do, box the car in with shopping carts? See what we mean in the video below.

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