Should Acura Be Charging This Much Money For The New NSX?

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Here's what a new one will cost and when you can place your order.

Acura just announced pricing for its new NSX, as in the car we've been waiting the past five years or so for. The hybrid sports car has an MSRP of $156,000 in the US and tops out at $205,700 when all options are selected. The 2017 model will go on sale starting in spring, with interested owners able to place an order beginning February 25; that's also the same day the car's online configurator goes live. Additionally, Acura also announced the fate of the first production NSX.


VIN 001 will be auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson at Scottsdale, Arizona, come the first week of January. Proceeds from the sale will be given to two charities, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, the latter of which is run by musician Zac Brown. The NSX will be Acura's first built-to-order car, with customers offered a handful of options to make their ride unique. There will be eight exterior color choices, four interior colors to pick from and three different seating surfaces. Other options include three wheel styles and numerous optional carbon fiber bits. Recently there have been a few complaints about the Acura NSX, namely that it's too techie and that its potential asking price could be too high.

Well, now that we know the price what say you? Is $156,000 for a base NSX too much or just right? We'll need to see what the high-end of the pricing spectrum offers, but $205,000 is enough to score an Audi R8 V10 Plus or a McLaren 570S, along with a bunch of other awesome cars.

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