Should Aston Make The DBX A 5-Door Crossover?

Now this makes a little bit more sense.

Withoddly-shaped crossovers like the X6 and GLE Coupe arriving from automakers like BMW and Mercedes, the auto world has grown accustomed to some veryfast cars arriving in goofy-looking packages. Still, when Aston Martin revealedthe DBX Study concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show, it managed to shockviewers with its 3-door GT/SUV/crossover that looks like nothing the automakerhas ever done before. And after raising $307 million for its production,it looks like the DBX is something we're going to have to get used to.

But as Aston itself has acknowledged, the DBX, as it was shown in Geneva,was not yet a production-ready version of what buyers will eventually meet atthe dealership. So, to make the show car more practical and adaptable to theneeds of the market, Theophilus Chin has reworked the design study and made itmore compatible to the growing SUV-coupe segment, where it can comfortably takeon similar competition. Now, with two extra doors and a longer wheelbase, theDBX is better equipped to enter the world. But does this addition take awayfrom the concept's sexiness, or does it make it just another contender in anovercrowded market?

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