Should Audi Build a Shooting Brake TT?

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We'd certainly love to see it happen.

Whenever Audi is nearly ready to reveal an all-new TT generation, it first previews the car in concept form as a shooting brake. No real reason why, it's just something they do. This year at Detroit, the Audi Allroad Concept is a clear styling indicator of the new TT, which sources claim could be revealed as soon as this March. And we're really digging that shooting brake, which we'd love to see make production (alongside the familar TT coupe and roadster, of course).

Chances are, sadly, that Audi has absolutely zero intention of doing so because, well, Americans don't like wagons. Sure, hatchbacks are becoming more popular in the US, but wagons remain body style non-grata. Damn shame, because if Audi felt it could make a decent profit off such a model, the Allroad concept looks to be nearly production ready. And if Audi was really feeling generous, it could also bring the RS6 Avant stateside as well.

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