Should Audi's Next A4 Go Off-Road Or On Track?

Three renderings, two very different lifestyles.

Aftershowing you a remarkable rendering of what the newly-released Audi A4 Avantcould look like in RS4 guise a couple of weeks ago, a new rendering has emergedto offer us a fresh new take on where the next model from Audi should go. Andwhile X-Tomi's design certainly gave us the urge to pack up the family, strap inthe kids and head out to the race track, RM Design has a different opinion ofwhat our family weekend should look like. As Audi has done in the past, RM hasfitted the Avant with Allroad Quattro styling, gearing it up for the greatoutdoors.

Now, if making such decision as a parent isn't difficult enough, we also have another interpretationof the RS4 Avant coming from another artist, Theophilus Chin. Given the choice of these twolifestyles and three interpretations on the newly revealed base model, we thinkA4 Avant buyers could face some harsh dilemmas. However, with such greatchoices, could these cars, would they make production and actually be imported toAmerica, relieve some buyers of their addiction to crossovers?

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