Should Ford Have Built This Mustang Instead?

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This was one of a handful of serious contenders for the 2015 Mustang design.

As you can imagine, when the time came to create the latest Mustang, hundreds of sketches were submitted for Ford's top brass' consideration. These were then whittled down to a handful of proposals in 2011, which were deemed to best capture the spirit of the Mustang. The next stage of the process was to transform these proposals into clay models before painstakingly refining the design into the production model that exists today.

With a twist of fate, this particular proposal could have ended up as the finished article. Sporting a more rounded front fascia, small lower intakes, massive ram air hood, subtle flanks and retro fog lights, it's not a million miles away from the 2015 Stang. So, do you prefer this rendering, or are you a fan of the new Pony car?

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