Should Honda Civic Si Buyers Be Worried About The Turbocharger?


The VTEC engine is a goner.

There’s been a lot written about the new 2017 Honda Civic Si lately (we’re guilty as charged), but it’s for very good reasons. For less than $25,000 all in, including destination and a set of optional summer slicks, you can buy the newly turbocharged Civic Si coupe or sedan. That’s one of hell of a performance bargain, especially taking into account the fact that the also new (and more powerful and track-focused) Civic Type R hot hatch costs $10k more.

Engineering Explained, one of the best sources for non-engineers to get a clear and simplified breakdown of what’s going on underneath a car’s sheetmetal, got behind the wheel of the Civic Si and delved into many relevant subjects. It’s lovely car geek talk.

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One of the topics brought up that caught our attention was the fact that this is the first turbocharged Si. The naturally aspirated VTEC is gone, resulting in a car that lacks some of that immediate throttle response VTEC fans love. Does this make the newly factory turbo-ed Civic Si a performance disappointment? No, it’s just a different car than before, though it has identical horsepower as its predecessor, but a greater torque output (and better fuel economy). Tradeoffs are a part of life.