Should Koenigsegg Actually Make This Insane Motorcycle?

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Or should we say, "Hyper Cycle"?

If Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg decided to delve into the world of motorcycle production, the finished product could possibly look something like this. Although the concept motorcycle design depicted here was not directly commissioned by Koenigsegg, the rendering seems to have successfully harnessed the signature style and spirit of the brand. The concept bike was created by talented Russian designer Burov Art, and features a blend of futuristic styling and retro design.

It features classic dual rear shocks, as opposed to a modern mono-shock set up, and also has an aggressive dual exhaust that subtly emerges from a super short seat. The front end features a single headlight that compliments the overall simplistic, yet elegant theme of the concept. After seeing this beautiful design we certainly hope that Koenigsegg might actually consider producing the real thing. The automaker could potentially produce matching motorcycles for each of its cars. We can only imagine all of the incredible possibilities.

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