Should Lamborghini Build a Ferrari California T Fighter?

Come on Lamborghini. You know you want to.

Neither Lamborghini nor Ferrari will admit they build an "entry-level" model. Stating so outright would dilute some of their exotic equity. But you’ve got to wonder: if Ferrari can do a front-engined Aston Martin fighter priced below than the 458 and F12, then why can’t Lamborghini follow suit? Surely finding a platform wouldn’t be a huge problem; just pick anything from the VW Group supply bin.

After that, simply give the car bold styling only Lamborghini can get away with and a V8. It just can’t be a rebadged Audi A5. Or better yet, cut down the size of the Porsche Panamera’s platform accordingly. Mechanically, this is all possible. Then you name it Espada, or Islero, or even Jarama, all of which were front-engined Lamborghinis from the late 60s and 70s (we like "Espada"). But in any case, a new Espada vs. California T would make for a great fight. Damn shame Lamborghini is spending its time developing an SUV instead of this. Oh hell, just do them both.

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