Should Lamborghini Make A Super Sedan After The Urus?


Lamborghini now has a mass market Super SUV in its fleet, so why not a Super Sedan based on the Estoque Concept?

The recent reveal of the hotly anticipated Urus SUV was the start of a new era for Lamborghini, as the automaker introduced its first mass market vehicle to diversify its lineup beyond exotic supercars. Not that the $200,000 asking price is very appealing to the mass market, mind you. The Urus has been in our conscious for the last five years since the concept first debuted in Beijing back in 2012, so we can't help but wonder what Lamborghini is planning next now that it's finally been revealed.

We'll doubtlessly see more versions of the Urus in the future, but we wouldn't be surprised if Lamborghini eventually rolls out a super sedan based on the Estoque. First shown as a concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the Lamborghini Estoque was previewed as a luxurious four door super sedan long before the Urus Concept. Ultimately, plans to put it into production were scrapped in favor of developing the SUV. No doubt Lamborghini is pleased with that decision, since the demand for high-end SUVs is showing no signs of slowing down. Nothing official has been announced yet, but recent reports suggested that a four-door Lamborghini sedan has been given the green light to launch in 2021.

Designer Kleber Silva has produced a render previewing what a future high-performance Lamborghini sedan could look like, and it certainly looks striking, blending elements from the Estoque Concept and Aventador. At the rear, the Lamborghini sedan sports Estoque-style taillights, dual exhaust tips, and a Lamborghini logo at the center. Since its supercars obviously have a limited audience, Lamborghini is diversifying its line-up to ensure its survival, so a production version of the Estoque would essentially be Lamborghini's equivalent of the Porsche Panamera. Should it ever go into production, there's a good chance it would share the same platform as the Porsche Panamera too.


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